HEADS will be begin to facilitate its training courses starting in September 2020. Its been a difficult period for all training providers but we have been working very hard to ensure the relevant measures are in place to run our courses safely for all delegates.

HEADS will be starting off by facilitating First Aid courses over the Autumn Term and depending on Government guidance will be looking to expand its portfolio of courses for the Spring and Summer terms.

HEADS Training has been working with Qualsafe and Ofqual who are the awarding and accrediting bodies for First Aid Training nationally. Advice has been taken and support given by the bodies including information on safe practice, risk assessments, PPE, and social distancing.  HEADS is now in a position to be able to safely facilitate its training courses starting in August/September 2020

HEADS are also following strict advice from the Government and the Health and Safety Executive, for further information please see the links below:

HSE Advice

Government Advice 1

Government Advice 2

Qualsafe/Ofqual Guidance

HEADS will be starting off by facilitating much needed First Aid Training. We appreciate that a lot of schools/organisations have been unable to access training courses due to COVID 19 and therefore their qualifications may have expired.

The Awarding bodies in collaboration with the government and HSE have come to the decision to extend those people whose first aid certificates that expired after the 16th March 2020 as long as they requalify by the 30th September 2020.

Although this is good news, it’s going to be very difficult for some people to access the training before the 30th September, especially if you are working in an educational setting.

HEADS Training is trying to accommodate this demand by facilitating a high number of courses starting in September 2020, so people can re-gain their qualifications by the 30th September.

To keep delegates safe we may have to decrease the number of delegates on the training courses from 12 people to 8-10 people so unfortunately this is going to have a bearing on our pricing structure so there may be some increased costs to attend our courses, (we feel it’s better to be upfront and transparent about costs). We will still be offering the high quality service we always have done, so we hope you will still with us as your training provider.

For information on our courses dates please visit our First Aid Training page: