Venue: HEADS Training Centre, Hadrian School, Newcastle upon Tyne
Date:     Future dates to be confirmed (9.30am – 3.30pm)
Cost:     £125.00 per delegate (includes lunch and refreshments) 
What is Jabadao and Developmental Movement Play (DMP) for Early Years (0-6 years)

Developmental Movement Play (DMP) is concerned with children’s full-bodied, wholehearted physical responses to the whole of their everyday lives and learning. It is a model – and a framework – developed over an eleven year period with the participation of 82 early years practitioners as research partners.

What will you learn as part of the course:

  • simple developmental movement theory explaining why and how early movement plays an important role in child development
  • how this supports many areas of the curriculum, not just physical development
  • the kinds of movement that support different aspects of development and learning
  • critical appraisal of  the things that hinder children from getting what they need physically and ways to overcome these
  • the need for fundamental changes in attitude and understanding in order to make a real difference to ways children can inhabit their bodies
  • the value of a child-led, play-based approach to ensure  each child gets what they need
  • a framework to hold all this information in a simple way, and to support observation, planning and assessment
  • the difference between a developmental approach and a standard PE or adult-led approach
  • the concept of a ‘helpful adult’ who creates opportunities for children through the environment, resources and experiences they create
  • ways to create environments, resources and experiences that support each child’s developmental needs through a child-led, play-based approach
  • the importance of movement observation
  • the importance of working in partnership – parents, early years settings and schools