Playing And Pretending – EYFS And Keystage 1

Venue: HEADS Training Centre, Hadrian School, Newcastle upon Tyne
Date: TBC – 9.30am – 3.30pm
Tutor: Facilitated by Peter Kennedy – Drama in Education
Cost: £125.00 per delegate (2 delegates 175.00)


“Let your children’s lessons take the form of play” – Plato
This course will encourage and enable teachers of young children to plan, facilitate and support opportunities for learning through playing and pretending.


  1. To deepen understanding of the importance of play as a learning pedagogy
  2. To equip teachers with a repertoire of techniques and structures that can be used to engage and stimulate young learners
  3. To demonstrate how-well managed play and pretending can develop confidence, social skills, negotiation and collaborative learning


Session One             Playing, Thinking, Talking
Session Two             Deep Play: Tasks and Challenges
Session Three          Role-Play and Pretending
Session Four            Techniques and Resources


…is a drama in education specialist with twenty five years’ experience of providing learners with positive drama experiences and teachers with practical ideas to use.

Peter currently works in partnership with primary schools on using drama to enrich learning and develop creativity. His work includes The Writing Game project as well as DEAL (Drama, Engagement, Active Learning) which focuses on improving learners’ engagement across the curriculum. Peter also works with North West Drama Services as director of the Stockport Children’s Shakespeare Festival.


Teachers of Early Years and KS1 as well as Leaders who are seeking to develop the power of play in their learning environments.