HEADS run a range of training courses throughout the year aimed at parents/carers and professionals.

Our bitesize courses take place in the main at out Training Centre based at Hadrian School in Newcastle upon Tyne.

HEADS has been running for 16 years and in this time we have trained over 20000 people.

We pride ourselves on offering high quality training around Special Educational Needs, Health and Welfare, as well as accredited training in areas such as Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools, Rebound Therapy, First Aid and Moving and Handling.

We work with school and organisation across the country and we also offer outreach support nationally, facilitating training courses at your own venue.

All of our bitesize courses are £50.00 per delegate for professionals and free for parents, carers.

Please see a list of our courses for 2023/24 – all courses run 9.30am – 12.30pm

Introduction to Epilepsy – 6th February 2024

This course will help delegates to understand more about people with Epilepsy, and understand what Epilepsy is. Some causes of Epilepsy. The effects on daily living of Epilepsy. Using a person centred approach to support individuals with Epilepsy. Learn how to deal with seizures. And understanding common treatments for Epilepsy.


Introduction to Sensory Loss – 12th March 2024

This course will help delegates to learn how our senses affect us on a daily basis. How it feels to have Sensory Loss. Finding out what can cause Sensory Loss. Ways to help and support people who have a Sensory Loss, alongside disabling conditions such as learning difficulties/physical disabilities. Knowing who the organisations are who provide support for individuals who have a Sensory Loss.


Mental Health Awareness – 18th April 2024

This course is aimed at any professionals, parents, carers and support workers working with people with mental health needs. The course will cover: Exploring the term Mental Health and Mental Illness, how they relate to individuals, and the concept of recovery. Understanding how stress affects Mental Health. Exploring how stigma affects Mental Health. Gaining a greater knowledge of the signs, symptoms, risk factors and recommended treatments for depression and anxiety disorders.

Identifying a positive coping strategy to support their own mental health.


Complimentary Therapies – 15th May 2024

Consider how complementary therapies can be used in person centred and holistic ways to help manage stress, pain and sleep problems. Introduce a number of complementary therapies which can be used by everyone. Discuss how to give a hand and foot massage. Learn a number of relaxation techniques. How these approaches have been used to help individuals with a range of problems.


An Introduction to ADHD – 24th June 2024

An introduction to what ADHD is and how people with ADHD may experience the world.

Some common issues people with ADHD may have and ideas on how to support them.

A celebration of neurodiversity and how being different can be positive for individuals and others.