Confident Parenting For Parents and Carers

Our Confident Parenting workshops are run to support families and to give parents/carers an opportunity to meet informally with professional guidance to overcome issues around managing their child’s behaviour.

Some quotes from our parents who have attended previous groups may help convince you that these groups are for you.

“I would recommend to all parents who have children with special needs and other children, to attend; it has helped me to understand my child much more than before”

“Me and my child have a better understanding of each other now, and he does’nt have as many tantrums and I have made a lot of friends there with the parent”

“It helps me and my child with everyday things. Thanks a lot”

“The group was friendly and relaxed. It cheered me up without realising it would. I learnt to be more patient and accept my child for who she is”

“There has been a marked improvement in my child’s behaviour since I attended the group”

Please contact June Ball – Senior Teacher for further information.


Tel: 0191 273 4440